My name is Corina Merkel. In 2014 i moved to Norway. Living as sustainably as possible, in harmony with nature, has always been very important to me. I love animals and nature. And i love Photography. Recently i moved on to more professional creative horizons and i am really excited where this journey will take me. I created another homepage to network. I would like to exchange ideas with people who are living a natural lifestyle, who have moved to another country or are planning to. People with interesting stories to tell. Did you maybe go to sea as a sailor for years? Do you live in the desert or in the middle of penguins? Are you a city person and do you have an interesting life story? Would you like to tell me? Let's see if someone contacts me and we get enough material to put together a podcast or blog. I'm looking forward to hear from you. Press the pictures below on the end of the side, to see more of my work.

School, education and Projects
I completed classes 1 to 10 in the traditional way, with a good secondary school certificate. After that, i completed an apprenticeship as a retail clerk and worked in retail and in the office. I went to commercial and business school. At the same time, I completed my training as a fitness trainer (B and C license) in health training, and then i went traveling for a year. I spent a year as a fitness animator in Spain, more precisely in Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and for the longest time in Mallorca. When i was back in Germany, i took over the management of a sports studio in the largest fitness chain in Germany. I worked in the management for 6 years. During this time i went to the alternative practitioner school on evenings and weekends. Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and medical alternative practitioner. The riding therapy was my social project at the time. It developed more and more, so i had to decide at one point, if i want to do it professionally. I quit my manager Jobb after 6 years and was self-employed with riding therapy work and the Villakunterbunt. The Villakunterbunt had grown so much over the years, that we then founded an association in which I was the first chairman. VK.Ev. In addition to equestrian therapy as well as the pony club with Vanessa Beisert, i worked with youth court help and, for example, looked after young people who had to do community service. Juvenile Court Aid District
Moving to Norway:
During this time I got to know my future partner. The father of my child came from Bergen in Norway, which led me to move to Norway, when I was pregnant. This is where I started my biggest project, Grindaheim. I studied Gestalt-therapy at the University of Oslo after my child was born and worked as a freelance therapist and in youth work as an employee. At the moment I still work some hours at the vocational school in Dokka and i am studying social work part time at the university in Bremen, online, which ends in the classic way with a bachelor's degree in social work - social pedagogy.
I always loved creative design and photography. This is my main-business right now and for the future. 

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